Saturday, March 24, 2018
Better Alternatives to Garageband for Windows

Better Alternatives to Garageband for Windows

Garageband is a music-editing tool. Unfortunately, it runs only on Mac and iOS platform, making it impossible for millions of other music lovers to edit or create tunes who use a...
MX Player Vs VLC Player

MX Player Vs VLC for Android – Detailed Comparison

MX Player Vs VLC Player - which one is better than the other? Which one should we choose to download and install for android phones. It is a common question for...
Cartoon hd

Download Cartoon HD on Blackberry Devices Sporting 10.2 or Advanced OS

People surviving with their frantic and packed up schedule has become an extremely usual thing and managing with it is another slogging. We get distressed on not watching a great episode...
YouTV Player

YouTV Player Provides the Users With Great Facilities Unlike Others

Watching movies online has become one of the most common practices these days, and in the coming days, things are going to get much easier for all those who have been...
sims 5

Sims 5 is Expected to Come out in the Year 2019

Video games present the gamers with a parallel world which goes hand in hand with the real life. And it is quite unbelievable that things have become incredibly realistic in the...
paytm bank

Paytm Bank/Wallet: Everything You Need To About

Well to start with let’s give great thanks to our honourable Prime Minister Mr Modi for bringing in the concept of demonetization in our country. Lately, we all have been seeing...
ShowBox for windows

The Simple Steps to Download ShowBox for Windows PC

As the technology has advanced at a rapid pace since the start of the new millennium, we have changed our habits and lifestyle accordingly. The most notable changes we have witnessed...
Towel Root

How To Root Any Android device Easily!

Towel root is one of the most popular applications used for rooting Android devices. The trend of rooting a device is going on from many years. Most of the people think...
iOS 11

Will iOS 11 Come Up with a Better Control Center?

The operating system reminds us of the most excellent ones called Android, Windows and also the Blackberry and apparently iOS. These particular ones have created a name, but the OS which...
Freedom apk

Why do You need To Download Freedom APK?

Why do You need To Download Freedom APK? For those of you who are looking for a valid reason as to why you need to download Freedom APK, you have come to...

Why Do You Need SnapTube For Your Device

Why Do You Need SnapTube For Your Device SnapTube has been making huge waves ever since its release, and for all the right reasons. For people still wondering why you need this...

iMessage is Expected to Get New Features With the Launch of Apple iOS 11

iMessage is Expected to Get New Features With the Launch of Apple iOS 11 Apple has always been one of the busier tech companies across the world and news, and updates keep...
Hike plans to outdo WhatsApp

Hike plans to outdo WhatsApp with a new feature

Hike plans to outdo WhatsApp with a new feature People move places and go to different countries leaving their families behind to pursue a better future. Though it is essential to make...
location sharing with whatsapp

Real-Time Location Sharing And Its Connection With Whatsapp

Social media has become a significant aspect in the present times due to their captivating attributes and applications which aid in effective communication. The WhatsApp real application is one example which...

What makes iMessage so special

As we go forward in the 21st century the world of instant messaging(IM) is evolving rapidly with many new features coming to different platforms, iMessage from Apple Inc has been able...
Alternative Lending

6 Things you Must Know about Alternative Lending

6 Things you Must Know  about Alternative Lending Alternative Lending is a very broad term used to describe the wider set of options available to business owners including off-the-shelf categories like...

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