Google Assistant now Supports ‘Hey Google’: Here’s How to Get it on your Phone

Google Assistant has been around for quite a while now and has always only responded to ‘Ok Google’. However, after Google launched the Google Home assistant, users find out that the smart speaker additionally responded to ‘Hey Google’ — a command that’s not only different but also a lot of natural to talk aloud.

Fortunately, huge G has been rolling out this feature to Android phones with Google Assistant over the previous few days, Reportedly it comes along with an update for OnePlus five  ‘Oreo Open Beta 2’ users and in some Xioami device which operates on MIUI 9.

However, if you didn’t get an update on your phone, here is how you’ll be able to manually change the Google Assistant from ‘Ok Google’ to ‘Hey Google’ command:

1.Download and install the newest Google App from APKMirror.
2.Once the download is complete, Install and launch Google Assistant and click on the three-dot/blue drawer icon within the top-right of the Assistant window.

google assistant

3.Next, tap on the 3 dot menu icon, head over to Settings, and then click on Phone.

google-assistant settings

4.Click on Voice Model, and then click on ‘Retrain Voice Model’.

google-assistant voice model

Google Assistant can ask you to speak out  ‘Ok Google’ and ‘Hey Google’ for coaching the voice model.

Now you’re geared up to launch Google Assistant and create queries by voice command the ‘Hey Google’ hotword rather than the regular and quite boring ‘OK Google’ trigger.

Well, that was how you’ll be able to change to the all-new ‘Hey Google’ command on your android phone though you haven’t formally received the new update. try it out on your phone, and let us know what you’re thinking about the new Google Assistant trigger as compared to the recent ‘Ok Google’ command. Obviously, you didn’t like the new command the  ‘Ok Google’ can still work as it was. So this update doesn’t affect you at all

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