Frameworks for Flexible & Functional Mobile App Development

Mobile applications have become an integral part of everyone’s routine including personal to professional tasks.

Flexible mobile app development offers to build a mobile app for different platforms using single code. Cross platform apps facilitate the web developers to design mobile application with little or no modification for multiple mobile platforms. The cross-platform frameworks will allow you to develop the original mobile app on a native platform including iOS, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, or Android mobile app development.

Cross platform web app development allows web professionals to develop the original app in the single platform and that allows the app to be sent in different native platforms.

Phone Gap

It is ready to go platform as the user just need to pick the functions to develop cross platform app. This framework enables the user with flexibility & stability. These are most important aspects which offer utmost ease to the user. PhoneGap supports CSS, HTML, JavaScript, etc. which makes web developers to code advanced mobile apps for several businesses.

Appcelerator Titanium

It is an open source framework for mobile app development that supports JavaScript based coding. It enables the developers with the easy build, develop, deploy and test various types of mobile applications comfortably. Apart from this, all the mobile applications which have been developed using this platform can run on multiple mobile OS including iOS, Android, etc. This platform enables the user with great SDK, and let’s enhance their user experience too.


As its name derives app’s portability, that means all mobile apps can fit well with different mobile devices. Even it enables the professionals to code quickly for iOS and Android mobile apps. It is a very convenient framework for the programming language.

Intel App Framework

It is a very robust mobile app development framework which supports HTML 5. This framework is fast, convenient, and easy to use with the reliable user interface that allows the developer to code advanced applications for different platforms. It’s amazing feature allows the professionals to develop an interactive & user engaging mobile business apps.

Jquery Mobile

This framework is developed brilliantly as it designed to support “write less do more” programming pattern. It is the best option to code touch optimised application. Developers can code cross platform applications as it supports CSS3 and HTML5.

Except for these frameworks, you can also look for Framework7, Trigger.Io, Wink Toolkit, etc. to develop flexible & functional mobile apps.

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