WhatsApp Video Call feature coming soon!

WhatsApp messenger, one amongst the foremost standard cross-platform instant electronic communication consumer for smartphone is shortly aiming to have Video calling facility built into it. A German blog (macerkopf.de) reports that a non-public beta of WhatsApp for iOS has WhatsApp Video call feature built-in. they need provided number of screenshots to back their claims.

The two major feature that was superimposed this year on WhatsApp was Voice calling and therefore the WhatsApp web feature. it absolutely was expected that WhatsApp Video call would even be superimposed to the features list shortly. several alternative IM clients like imo, Skype, Viber, Tango etc have already got these options from quite a while. And currently that WhatsApp is closely-held by Facebook and that they themselves have Video calling feature built into their messenger app, it shouldn’t be abundant of a task to implement that in WhatsApp messenger too. And although they may be late for the party, it’s a decent news for users that they’re joining.
The leaked screenshots are from WhatsApp Messenger for iOS. The version that is claimed to have the WhatsApp Video call feature is that may be a private beta and available only to the developers and personal beta team members. And this can be pushed for public in few weeks.
From the Screenshots, the primary one is when you get a call from a WhatsApp Contact, and therefore the second is an ongoing call. Looking at these images, there are some things that may be understood about the WhatsApp Video calling. On the screen, you’ll be ready to see the video of the person with whom you’re on the Video call. There are onscreen buttons to Mute your microphone and to change between the front and rear camera. You’ll be able to conjointly see your video/image as a tiny flat icon on the screen which may be moved freely.
WhatsApp video call feature can be used on veterans day for sharing amazing veterans day messages, poems and veterans day facts with your family, friends and county veterans to commemorate and celebrate their service for this amazing country in the times when we needed it the most.
According to macerkopf.de, except for the WhatsApp Video call feature, WhatsApp would receive few more new updates. This includes a newer|a more modern,a more recent UI style where the green color is more distinguished. WhatsApp would even have tabbed chat windows to simply switch between multiple chat conversations rather like how you’ve got tabbed windows on the browsers. These changes are now for the iOS version of WhatsApp and undecided if the precise changes can hit Android versions conjointly at the same time or not.
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