record whatsapp calls
record whatsapp calls

WhatsApp Share Its user Information to Facebook from this Summer!

WhatsApp is leading its position as top in this messaging platform. It provides free service to the users, who aged thirteen and over can use this app. It uses the network connection to make voice and video call. It also furnishes features like send a text message, images, GIF, documents, user location voice notes and the phone contacts to the users having smartphones. There is also a status feature available, in which the user can update the photos and videos for twenty-four hours as like lifetime feed similar to the features in the Facebook and in the Instagram.

WhatsApp Share Its user Information to Facebook from this Summer!

Recently, WhatsApp’s feature of the live sharing location in a beta testing process in the iOS platform is available. The user can share their current location with duration. This feature available on the right hand side of the screen and while choosing this option it ask for the duration that is how long the user going to stay in that location. If the time ends it will send a message to the user that the time ends.

End to end encryption

The users believe that the app is more secure and privacy with the end to end encryption service at the both ends of the sender and receiver. While the data send to the receiver, it converted to binary codes and transmission through the network connection. The data in the form of binary code received at other end and converted to the appropriate message or images. In the mean while, the hackers or any other attacker can’t access the data without the knowledge of the sender. But, now some issues arise that the WhatsApp information of the users are share to the parent company Facebook. To know the current requirement and mind set of the user, it may help the advertisement company to sell their products to the target people.

Reaching of new Milestone

Facebook has announced that it has achieved 1.2 billion monthly active users in the messenger platform. Two hundred million users were the rise in the past eight months. David Marcus, the head of the messenger announced this milestone and confirmed that the messages sent by the active users massively increased. They also managed to achieve double digit growth percentage wise. The WhatsApp also enjoy with the 1.2 billion monthly active users, in that two hundred million users just from India. A report from the Sensor Tower’s numbers indicates that the iOS and Android downloads of facebook and WhatsApp percentage increase year on year.

Since messenger separate from the facebook with the addition of lots of features like chats, payments and video calls. Facebook itself enjoys its 1.9 billion monthly active users while Instagram growing with the six hundred million active users. Facebook also introduced a feature like Snapchat called Messenger Day. Through the messenger we can share the images and videos with our friends who are having the messenger for twenty-four hours, after that it will automatically disappear. Its messenger pushing SMS on its platform and also launched the digital assistant named ‘M’ for the United States users, elevates the social network’s effort in artificial intelligence. The M helps the users by suggesting useful messages in the messaging platform.

WhatsApp bought officially by the Facebook in 2014. It is in a conference with the European regulator to get its hand on the chat app’s juicy data. The European told the WhatsApp to stop the user’s information sharing with the Facebook. Ireland Data Protection Commissioner, Helen Dixon, the lead European Union on privacy issues for Facebook. He said that the European Union should have change of heart. She told that they were in the agreement with the Facebook and WhatsApp that the quality of information provided to the user could have been clear, more transparent and expressed in the simple terms.


Sharing the personal information

It is not clear exactly what information shared. It may the personal details like the phone number and the usage link to the Facebook. It has more information about us and shares the information to the advertiser. It includes seeing the phone number associated with the WhatsApp account by enabling the California based social network to link the users. It helps the company to get more details about the users.

It may help them to target the particular type of the people for their marketing. WhatsApp said that the privacy in its DNA and its service like water light. It was totally controversial to the earlier announcement of the Facebook. Its security got in trouble that the police struggle to read the message sent London Terrorist Khalid Masood. However, the police cannot access encrypted data.

The Facebook and the Europe regulators were working together to achieve a plan of benefit for both the parties. It is not clear that how it is going to affect the user or if it going away until the summer. The agreement may be finalized between June and end of the August. To get the solution both the parties are expected to work together. The User concerned about the privacy of their data may reset a little up to the two months.

However, the Facebook copying features from many of its competitors. It introduced the ability to share the live location with our friends. In the live sharing location, the user can tag their friends with whom they are spending time in the particular location at what time and it may lead to some privacy issue. The social media giant brought the famous about the facebook Reaction’s introduce in the messenger platform.

The WhatsApp could be about to lose its top position over the rival messaging apps. The instant messenger and the most popular messenger app on the planet, is caught by the Facebook messenger. The messenger confirmed that it has topped 1.2 billion active users and making it one of the fastest growing communication tools of all the time.

The Facebook messenger is the second highest most popular messaging app for the iOS platform, just behind the Facebook, the social network has confirmed. Anyone aged thirteen and over able to sign-up the messenger. Now it is available for everyone who having a phone number, even if we don’t have a facebook account.


The instant messenger application, WhatsApp promised its user that it will not share the personal information or the account details with any third party resources. When the social media giant, Facebook acquired the messenger app in 2014, the traditional users from the WhatsApp gradually slipped down from the app fearing that the company will share their information, users rejoined the messenger platform.

There were many features and updates introduced in the messenger platform that includes some of the features available on the social media platform. The end to end encryption was the popular features introduced by the app soon after the acquisition and the number of the active users gradually kept increasing and has now reached one billion.

A recent report claims that the messenger platform is sharing the user information with the parent company and seems to violate its policy. Already Facebook is using the user behavior and is targeting the users with a potential advertisement in its newsfeed. If the messenger app wants to maintain and expand its fast growing user base, then the company should try to follow its company policy by protecting and securing the personal information of millions and millions of users using the app.

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