Lyft and Uber rates surge

Lyft and Uber rates surge to incredible price after BART stopped

Lyft and Uber rates surge to incredible price after BART stopped

In this century many ride-sharing companies emerged to provide service to the people. The fare also affords for the people to lead their daily life. It also quite difficult to buy and maintains the own car in the cities. Instead of waiting on the road for the vehicle to come, we can send a request to the drivers by using the smartphones. The Online ride-hailing companies furnish their service in a successful manner. Recently, Uber and Lyft hold leading position among many network transport companies. They own their software application to connect the passengers with the drivers. To use the application we have to create an account, sign up, enter a valid phone number and enter a valid form of payment.

Duty of the app

Once the request confirmed by the nearby driver a virtual image of the car moving will appear on the screen. The name of the driver, a photo of the driver and the car will display to us. The fare for the ride will show us at the end of the ride. It asks the rider to rate for the service of the driver from one star to five stars at the end of the ride. Lyft allows the riders to appreciate the driver by providing the tipping option in the app. Uber and Lyft have a huge competition in the ride-sharing service in the cities of the United States. They introduce various services to the people to grab their concentration.

Concerning Lyft

Lyft follows a certain procedure to hire the drivers. Department of the motor vehicle checks the personal background details and the sex offender registers in the United States. They should interview by the current drivers of the Lyft. They should hold valid driver’s license and have experienced more than one year. The age of the driver must be twenty-one or elder. They should not under the influence of drugs and alcohol while driving.

Shuttle is a new service tested by the Lyft in San Francisco. The riders could save the money at the rush hours by avoiding surge pricing. The commuters should come to a predetermined location to get the shuttle ride. We have to keep in mind that it is not a bus. The riders who like to save their money may take a little walk to reach the location.

Uber’s services

In Uber, a person who willing to join with them as a driver can send his name, photo, details, the car photo, and number. The Uber drivers are treated as independent employees. Recently, one of the uber drivers has arrested for suspicion of sexual assault of unconscious passenger his van. In the police investigation, her friend told that she was intoxicated while riding. She sent her in the van to reach home at night. Uber terminated him from the job after this incident. It helped the police to collect the information against him to arrest.

Recently, Uber tested its autonomous car in the Arizona city, in the United States. First Uber registers the self-driving car in the California. But it didn’t mention it as an autonomous car while registering. Uber said it is no complete autonomous car and driver also needed to drive the car. Arizona Government welcomed the Uber with the open palm with widen roads. It started to test the cars unfortunately, it stuck with an accident. A car driver field to yield the autonomous car came to know from the police investigation. There was no serious injury reported by the police.

Grapple of Bay People           

A downed power line brought BART to a near standalone, leaving the morning commuter on the both side of the bay without proving service. This situation extended more than one hour in the rush hours. This happened due to a car crash the power pole near the west Oakland Station, sending electrified wires on the tracks. The service through the Transbay Tube was shut down on the both direction, until shortly before 10 am. The Pacific Gas and Fire and Electric department crews cleared the rail line. Many East Bay riders felt something wrong because of the unclose door of the train and the car sat idle.

Then the sputter came from the public address speaker and the announcement from the conductor that the service into San Francisco was suspended. In the Oakland, MacArthur Station flooded with the commuters as the train fails to depart. BART train started its service through Transbay Tube around 9.45 am. This incident occurred between the BART was recovering from the delay trespasser walking on the track near the Bay Fair station in San Leandro stated by the officials. All the trains were stopped passing the station before the BART police remove the trespasser from the track. The officials also stated that there were no reports of injuries.

Some of the commuters return back to their home, few waiting for a cab and few calls their nearby friends for the pickup on the roadways. Many of the commuters depend on the public transportation for their daily life. When the announcement came through the public address speaker that the service was about to resume, saving money who wait for the train.

Affix of fare screen on social media

Many BART passengers struggle after a power line down fell near the West Oakland tracks in morning. The commuters turned to ride-sharing app Uber and Lyft. It is an attempt to get to work on time faced atrocious surge pricing. Afflicted passengers share the surge price in the social media. According to social media updates, a ride from Oakland and downtown San Francisco charged between sixty dollars and one hundred ten dollars. The surge also impacted the share rides like Lyft Line estimated eighty-five dollars. Countless riders post their frustration against the rides sharing companies online with the screen shot of their phones of the cost.

Immediately the riders of Uber and Lyft post their frustration in the social media. Few post in the tweet like

“#Lyft and #Uber were charging folks $60-$110 for a (15-20 min) ride across the Bay Bridge because BART was down.  Not cool. Not cool.”

Bay life: BART fails, Uber surge soars past $100+.  Private gains from public losses of BART delays.

One of the passengers said Uber and Lyft were tripping that morning charged 110 bucks due to BART delays.

“All the people angry at @Uber and @Lyft because of the #bart failure.  They aren’t charities or public services. Don’t like it? Don’t use it”

This incident was unexpected, immediate, and presented a unique challenge in the prime commuting hours. However, some people defended both the companies during the price increase. After BART train started the service 10.00 am and morning situation turns to normal. Uber quoted a price from Oakland to BART normal ten dollars for a pool or twenty dollars for UberX.


The commuters have trusted Uber and Lyft service in the past days. When the BART delayed in the rush hours at the bay area, they make use of the opportunity to increase their charge two hundred percent. Both companies collecting the surge amount at the peak hours. But the sudden increases of the fare frustrate the computers for the minimum distance. This makes the riders to get anger in these companies. This incident cannot accept by the people in the bay area. The situation becomes normal after the BART service started. If this situation happens one more time there may chance to lose the trust of people in the ride- sharing companies.

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