Your Android phone can become a real Game Boy with this gadget

You like to play old age games or those which you had played during your childhood days, or you cannot afford a Game Boy style controllers you have that device right here. Which will let play all that game with your nostalgic memories.

An accessory for an Android smartphone with a USB c type that can change your device into a game boy style physical controller. The Hyperkin Smartboy is a device which could be carried anywhere and is much portable that it actually fits in your pocket. On the Hyperkin Smartboy, you will be able to play any games including online slots. The device is up for order now, and you can get your device delivered after August 21.

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The Hyperkin smart boy is a familiar device which has the same configuration and color orientation like the old and original Nintendo game boy. If you’re a game boy fan, you could possibly like the grooves that run behind the back. The device gets paired easily with any Android device and emulators which are available on play store. You need not make many efforts to get the smart boy to work. The smart boy companion app works well and syncs with the accessory.

The accessory can also play some of the official game boy and cartridges while these take the time to load as they take down the thing to your Android device. The smart boy supports an extensive list of devices which come with a USB type c. The full list of the devices can be found on their official website Hyperkin smart boy.

The best thing about this hardware is it provides 100% satisfaction of physical button and gives satisfaction and joy to gamers. This accessory is many for the audience playing a lot of games on their android devices. This could definitely attract a lot many crowds on this platform.

People who have been playing on Gameboy for a while or had played it during their childhood days or always carried it in your backpack this could be something good.

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