What makes iMessage so special

As we go forward in the 21st century the world of instant messaging(IM) is evolving rapidly with many new features coming to different platforms, iMessage from Apple Inc has been able to thrive in this cutting edge competitions with rapid innovations and development of new features by top engineers across the world to give it substandard rivals a tough competitions in messaging game.

iMessage is a modern day real time messaging app by which you send a message to anyone across the world easily.It supports different of messages like the standard text message, video calls, audio messages along with various many files types along with stickers, gifts, and many different special effects animations.

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Not to forget that it comes with a plethora of features, among which famous ones are given below.

Now you can send Starbucks gift cards to anyone by using your message app in your Apple devices to see smiles on people face.

Moreover, you can now use iMessage application for Windows PC easily with the help of some emulators such as ipadian, and it’s made compatible with Android also with the help of “PIEMESSAGE” project by famous developer Eric Chee on GitHub.

Now with the latest updates from Apple team, in ios 10 iMessage comes with a new feature called “tap back” that allows you to instantly reply to an incoming message by double tapping on the screen and send the message with some graphics and awesome emoji quickly.

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You can also send a handwritten message with iMessage by turning the iPhone horizontally and pressing the gray arrow on screen and after that app store icon next to text field to select some cool clips for sending from the library.

In case you need to take backup of all your messages and data, then you can make use of Apple iCloud application for windows to save a backup for your iMessage information in future easily with the help of your Mac or PC as some people find iPhone storage short for storing all their files on the phone .

iMessage is fully integrated with Siri, so if you are driving and want to send a message for your kids, then you do it easily by asking Siri to send a message via iMessage within seconds even without typing the message manually.

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So with iMessage, it doesn’t matter which device are you on it can get you connected with the world easily through all devices for better communication with all.

iMessage has done phenomenal job in connecting the people from across the world, and it will continue to evolve with lots of other features too in the coming years to strive for best and give its users best possible messaging experience, till then keep using the iMessage app to stay connected with your loved ones

I hope you got an overview of what iMessage is all about from the information shared above ,so if you aren’t using iMessage till now on your iPhone or Apple devices for sending messages, then you must start using it from today onwards because it’s the next-gen messaging platform which will revolutionize the world in coming years .

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