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How To Activate YouTube’s Secret Dark Mode

“Here we’re going to share another YouTube trick that is magnificent. Do you know YouTube’s Secret Dark Mode – you can also activate it! The secret dark style can be found on Google Chrome version 57 or above.”

YouTube’s Secret Dark ModeHere’s How You Can Activate It!

All of us use Youtube; It’s one of typically the most popular video streaming website out there. Today billions of users spend time on Youtube to view the newest music, videos and much more.

Here we’re going to share another awesome YouTube trick. Can you understand YouTube has a dark mode that is secret – And you may activate it? One resourceful Redditor is discovering YouTube dark style as stated by The Next Web.

The secret dark mode is available in Google Chrome version 57 or previously. Lets’ learn the best way to activate the YouTube dark manner that is hidden!

Step 1. Firstly, you have to upgrade your Google Chrome browser.

“Now there are lots of tutorials about activating dark mode on youtube, but they need to edit in cookies and many other ways that regular user will get stuck somewhere in the middle trying to do so. but don’t worry will share the easiest one so everyone can enjoy this new feature of YouTube.”

Step 2:  Go to this link https://www.youtube.com/testtube

YouTube's Secret Dark Mode

Step 3. Now Click on “Try new YouTube ” Button. And you were done.

YouTube's Secret Dark Mode
Step 4. Now go back to youtube, you will see new layout of youtube is already activated.

Step  5.  Just refresh the page click on your avatar and from the menu, you will see the option “Dark Mode.”

Step 6. Simply Activate it And enjoy!

 YouTube's Secret Dark Mode

So, this is the method that you can use the secret black mode of Youtube. Hope you like the article, share it along with your friends also.

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