Google Launched An App to make Android more stunning

Many applications on the Play Store like android wallpapers guarantees the distinctive quality. Google, the owner of the Android, currently set to dedicate all its Android users AN application which can make their Android more stunning.

Yes, sounds extremely impressive right, Google Wallpapers is currently available for everybody via the Play Store and guarantees to customize Android more directly.

According to the Google, this is not just AN application dedicated to supplying high-quality wallpapers. It’s a show of the many pictures that the company has already in some its services, including Google Maps itself, Google+ and different partners.

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The inside app section is split into five categories from wherever we will opt for the background image that we like more % thus customize the Android more directly and quickly. These classes are the earth, Landscapes, Cityscapes, Life, and textures. Of course, you’ll be able to access still all of your photos or the pictures that Android itself brings.

For each of these five categories, you’ll additionally choose the option which will give a new image a day, turning it automatically, without user intervention. But if your mobile runs on the Android version 7.0, Android nougat then it’s still possible to define entirely different pictures for the  Home screen and lock screen, with clear pictures for every of the areas.

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Initially, this application was offered unofficially for a few time and has now come to Android Play Store officially so that each Android users will use and enjoy this application.

However, this may be the way to provides a new life to your Android, giving the Google the liberty to decide on a brand new image for your smartphone, which each and every day can have a unique face for your smartphone.

App Preview:-

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
  • Wallpapers Screenshot
  • Wallpapers Screenshot
Wallpapers by google - geekyswap
Wallpapers by Google -GeekySwap
Wallpapers by google- geekyswap
Wallpapers by Google -GeekySwap