Google Allo An Intelligent Messaging App

Google has released another app referred as Allo. If you’re like me and bored of the present electronic messaging apps as a result of they’re mostly identical, then you ought to definitely look at Allo. It focuses on simplifying your chats by reading your chats & giving intelligent suggestions for replies. It additionally comes with Google Assistant, a voice assistant designed into the app to make your experience a lot of joyful. therefore let’s review this app to seek out out if it’s a worthy messenger or not.
When you 1st open Allo, you would like to provide one or two of permissions functioning of the app  & register your account along with your Google id  & your mobile number.
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After your setup you’ll get a awfully easy home screen with many messages from Google Assistant introducing you to the app  & additionally requesting GPS permission for better localized results.

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Press the message icon on bottom right to start out a conversation. you’ll be able to choose any of your contact to talk if there on Allo or send them an invitation SMS to join. you’ll be able to also make a group chat.

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These are the choices common in all messengers. What’s completely different is that you simply can even begin an incognito chat (private chat) which will destroy when some amount of your time you set.

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All the chats you start are listed within the home screen, tap on any to talk. The layout is more or less identical as the other messenger, nothing new here. What’s new in chats is that the automatic suggestions. Google Assistant reads your chats to provide some reply suggestions that you’ll be able to tap to send.
For me these suggestions are useless as they offer smart suggestions only you’re chatting in English  & if you’re using alternative languages,it will still provide suggestions however they do not build a lot of sense therefore I even have to still type most of the time. you’ll be able to additionally size font size whereas sending to ‘SHOUT’ in massive fontand ‘whisper’ in little font.
Coming to emoji  & stickers, they appear nice however are terribly immature  & are terribly limited in variety however we must always expect additional sticker packs to come shortly.
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The incognito chat works perfectly with every message getting deleted automatically when the amount of your time such.

Google additionally integrated their voice assistant into Allo, basically it’s a next level of Google now that you simply might already be using. If you’ve used any voice assistant then you recognize what it will, for those of you WHO don’t understand, a voice assistant could be a virtual assistant like your secretary  & you’ll be able to check with it. you’ll be able to use it for any task like setting an alarm or call a contact from your phone , some differences are that you can ask google to play a variety of games.

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A cool factor is that you simply may be as playful as you wish by talking no matter you prefer  & share with Allo. you’ll be able to play games like Rubik’s Cube or little triviality games  & recognize movie name by emoji. It will even recite you a poem or crack a joke if you want.
It will keep in mind what you say so it’ll be additional personalised  & conversations are far better  & feel like a true conversation, if you prefer the reply, press the thumbs up button, if you’re thinking that it’s not then press the thumbs down button to provide feedback.
A major disadvantage is that it only understands English  & if you speak/type in alternative language then it’ll search it  & show results. Google said that they’re going to add additional language support however until now, it’s terribly restricted.

 Not to forget that you can use google allo to connect with your lovely grandparents and country veterans for celebrating happy veterans day with them by sharing wishes and veterans day messages on 11 november every year.
Personally i feel Allo is overall a decent app due to its simplicity  & also the voice assistant however if you take away the assistant, the chat part alone has nothing new to bring  & Google has not included some superb options like status or chat backgrounds or themes present in alternative messengers.
The voice assistant works as advertised however since its presently restricted to English only, it doesn’t recognize what you say in your regional language however since it’s very new  & still within the “Preview Edition”, we should not expect much currently  & hope that everything works utterly once Google releases the complete version.
Overall, Allo provides simply the very basics of a messenger  & a voice assistant  & is a must try for everybody searching for a awfully easy online messaging app or a voice assistant.

Pros & Cons:-


  • Simple UI
  • Incognito chats
  • Intelligent reply suggestions
  • Google Voice Assistant


  • Google Assistant works only in English
  • Limited variety of stickers
  • Very basic features overall

Google Allo is that the latest messenger app from Google that follows identical path as duo, simplicity  & simple use. whereas having very few features, its reply suggestions  & also the Google Assistant are the main reason you may wish to try Allo since it’s very basic features. The assistant now only works in English however can expand to alternative languages within the near future.

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