Free! The Complete Ethical Hacking Course by Udemy

Do you want to learn to hack from scratches, then you are in right place I am sure you have heard about The Complete Ethical Hacking Course: Beginner to Advanced!  Available at original price is $ 195, but now you can get it for free.

Course Description

Gain the ability to do ethical hacking and penetration testing by taking this course! Get answers from an experienced IT expert to every single question you have related to the learning you do in this course including installing Kali Linux, using VirtualBox, basics of Linux, Tor, Proxychains, VPN, Macchanger, Nmap, cracking wifi, air crack, DoS attacks, SLL strip, known vulnerabilities, SQL injections, cracking Linux passwords, and more topics that are added every month!

What are the requirements?

  • Reliable and fast internet connection.
  • Wireless networking card.

What are you going to get from this course?

Answers to every single question you have about ethical hacking and penetration testing from an experienced IT professional!
Tips for remaining anonymous in hacking and penetration testing activities.
A guide to using these skills to get a better job and make money online as a freelancer.
The ability to secure and protect any network from hackers and loss of data.
A complete tutorial is explaining how to build a virtual hacking environment, attack networks, and break passwords.
Step by step instructions for insulation VirtualBox and creating your virtual environment on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Who is the target audience?

You can begin this course with any level of knowledge and quickly start advancing your skills as an information technology and security expert anywhere in the world!
If you are working to advance your career on LinkedIn or as a freelancer online, you can use the skills you build in this course to get a better job and to increase your hourly pay rate.
If you are hoping to be a better network administrator, you can use this course to learn how to secure networks and protect assets.

Steps to get this course free

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